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Frequently questions 

What does a website cost?

What does a car cost? It can be difficult to say what a website costs. The price depends highly on the type of website you need. Whether it’s a design refresh or a completely new web design and build, there are so many factors to consider at every stage. A simple blog is easier to set up than an online shop, a small business website has fewer pages than an enterprise site. It depends on the number of requirements and custom features or design, the time you have for its development, third party integrations and configurations, etc.

Do you need a refresh or a full new website?

Different goals need different approaches and kinds of services. Here in MAVA we do web consulting & strategy, so we start to analyse the client’s requirements and needs. Then we can either just improve performance and efficiency, review your actual SEO ranking and small layouts adjustments; or we can create your new website and digital strategy from scratch, and even help you with the follow-up maintenance.

Can we help you to grow your business?

YES! Here in MAVA we work together with talented business partners. You only have to deal with MAVA and together we manage everything you need to grow your business and reach more people. We’ve developed many digital solutions and strategies, specific for each client, through: custom web development and design, digital marketing, content management, SEO improvements, social networks management, e-commerce and email integrations.

Do you create a logo and visual identity?

YES! If you want to build a strong brand, the logo is just the visual dot you put at the end of a sentence. A brand is more than colors, images and fonts – that is the way your customers perceive you. Together we work to find your DNA and create your brand history. What you do and how you do it is crucial to find out what makes you different from your competitors.

What if my budget is super-tight?

We can be your “digital partner” and give you all the tools and tutorials, so you are able to build your own website and digital presence, almost for free. There are many platforms with drag-and-drop features where you don’t need to code to build your website.